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Cheltenham Community Choir

Having started in 2014, the choir has gone from strength to strength. We have many regular members who enjoy meeting weekly to sing a wide range of material, accompanied by a rehearsal pianist and conducted by our wonderful choir master, Bev. It's a great way to meet a wonderful group of people, who share a passion for choral singing. It also offers you the chance to perform at some of Cheltenham's amazing concert venues. 


The choir performs two main concerts per year, one  in the summer, and then a  winter performance in the run-up to Christmas. The choir also often takes up opportunities to perform at other engagements throughout the year, including the Winchcombe Festival of Music and Arts.  The choir has even recently had the honour of being asked to record with BBC Radio Gloucestershire as part of their BBC Music Day.


A big thank you from the choir to anyone who attended the summer concert on the 1stJuly. It was a huge success and we had nearly 200 people in attendance. Personal favourites from people were the Fiddle on the Roof Medley and we had not one but two encore songs of the Tina Turner Medley and the James Bond Theme.

The new term is due to start on Tuesday 5th September at 7.30pm, Swindon Village Primary School. If you are interested, please come along for the first session and we are always on the lookout for more tenors.

Summer Concert - 2023
Christmas Concert - 2022
Summer Concert - 2022
Summer Concert - 2020
Christmas Concert - 2019
Summer Concert - 2019

Management Team


Choir Liaison - Laura Bishop

'As choir liaison my biggest role is to be the primary communicator between the choir and the CODS main Committee. This involves feeding back monthly what the choir is up to, providing information to the choir about committee matters.

Alongside that, I support the choir manager where possible by writing the blurb for the newsletter, creating a time-line of events in the lead up to a concert and organising social events for the choir. '

Choir Manager - Julia Buck

'I am the Cheltenham Community Choir manager and have been since 2014, soon after the choir was established. I am a life member of CODS, having been with the society for more than thirty years, performing many times on stage, as well as directing 
shows and undertaking a number of other rolls in the production of shows with CODS and serving many years on the committee. 


What’s it like to be in our choir? Well, apparently, it’s official. Singing in a choir is good for your well-being and I can certainly attest to that.  I believe it’s something to do with endorphins. I don’t know about all the scientific reasons but I do know that when I go to sing with the choir once a week I feel so energised and happy by the end of the evening. Even if it has been a very busy day and I’m tired, singing gives me such a lift. It’s great fun too and I love being with other people who all enjoy the same thing, plus I have made so many friends.


Our choir is led by Beverley our choir director and Anthony, our accompanist. They are a formidable pair and make coming to choir so enjoyable. The music we sing is another reason I love being part of CCC. We sing many show songs but we mix it up with other numbers too which is always fun. When we perform our concerts, be it our summer or winter concert, or our smaller community singing events, I am always so proud of being a part of this wonderful choir. '


Choir Director - Beverley Whitaker

'Beverley studied music at Leeds University and began her career teaching violin, piano and singing in schools and colleges across Yorkshire. She first started performing leading Soprano roles with Opera Youth (part of Opera North), and, after moving to Cheltenham in 2002, joined the Cotswold Savoyards and CODs, and was given some fabulous roles, including 'Mabel' in Gilbert and Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance, and the iconic 'Wardrobe' in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Although professionally Beverley moved into management consulting, her love and passion for music remains as strong as ever and she helped set up, and took on leadership of the CODs Community choir back in 2014 Since then, the choir has gone from strength to strength, with over 75 members, performing concerts twice a year, as well as supporting numerous community events. '

Accompanist - Anthony King

'I have been the choir’s accompanist since it’s inception which has been a true pleasure and incredibly rewarding.  Our back catalogue is now vast and I am very fortunate to have contributed some of my own compositions which is a real privilege.   I’ve been playing the piano for most of my life and have played in several bands over the years as well as being musical director for various shows. I’ve also been a member of CODS for over 30 years and have been fortunate enough to perform in countless shows which satisfies the show off in me! 
The choir goes from strength to strength and has a genuine community spirit that I believe is the key to its success.  Here’s to another ten years.


Next Concert

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