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The History Of Cods

'One of the Oldest Operatic Societies in the Country'

'Today’s members are the present trustees of one of the oldest Operatic Societies in the country. Past members have worked hard and made sacrifices so that the present members are in a position to enjoy what they do now in the society. It follows that today’s members must always remember that they are trustees for all those who are to come in the future, and must do all they can to ensure “the torch burns brightly” when it is their turn to pass it on to others'.


- Footlights & Greasepaint - The First 100 Years of CODS - Peter Arnold

The Mikado 1970

On this page we're celebrating the history of CODS and remembering all of the hard work and dedication of those members who have come before us, as we add our mark on the history of CODS. Take a look through the archives and read about some of the fascinating, inspiring and amazing event that make up the past of the Cheltenham Operatic and Dramatic Society (or should we say the Cheltenham Opera and Dramatic Society).

From Tiny Seeds

The society started someone time in the early 1890s, documented in a young, unnamed, Cheltenham lady's diary. The operatic class she was attending by a Dr Ferguson, decided to put on a production of the Gilbert and Sullivan comic opera Trial By Jury at the Assembly Rooms. Cheltenham Operatic and Dramatic Society has its stage debut at the Assembly Rooms on May 30th and 31st, 1890.

Stay tuned for a detailed history of the society - coming soon...

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