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Past Productions

Fawlty Towers

31st January - 7th February 2015

CODS present three episode of the British Sitcom:

The Hotel Inspector

When Basil hears of hotel inspectors roaming Torquay incognito, he realizes with horror that guests he has been abusing could easily be one of them. Basil becomes increasingly obsessed with trying to determine which guests are the inspectors, but to his frustration his suspicions continue to be incorrect.

Communication Problems

The arrival of the 'guest from hell' – Mrs. Richards, a rather deaf, dotty and bad-tempered woman – interferes with Basil's attempts to prevent the money he won on a racehorse from being discovered by Sybil, who disapproves of gambling.

Waldorf Salad

Basil is not altogether keen on a loud and demanding American guest who demands a higher class of service – and food – than Fawlty Towers is accustomed to providing. Basil soon learns the American guest will not tolerate any shenanigans.

Production Details

Production Team:

Director - Nicholas Tobias
Assistant Director - Judi Allan

Basil Fawlty - Ben Lowater
Sybil Fawlty - Carol Bowman
Polly - Victoria Worrall
Manuel - Oliver Ryder
Major Gowan - Colin Bennett

The Hotel Inspectors
Mr. Hutchinson - Steve Scott
Mr. Walt - Andrew Willcocks
Hotel Inspector 1 - Matt Crumpton
Hotel Inspector 2 - Grant Heymer
Hotel Inspector 3 - Richard Sylvester

Miss Tibbs - Min Lacey

Miss Gatsby - Helen Landau

Communication Problems
Mrs. Yardley - Julia Buck
Mr. Thurston - Richard Sylvester
Mrs. Richards - Cathy Penney
Mr. Firkins - Steve Scott
Terry - Matt Crumpton
Mr. Mackintosh - Andrew Willcocks
Mr. Kerr - Grant Heymer

Terry - Matt Crumpton

Miss Tibbs - Min Lacey

Miss Gatsby - Helen Landau

Waldorf Salad
Mr. Libson - Andrew Willcocks
Mr. Johnstone - Steve Scott
Mrs. Johnstone - Cathy Penney
Miss Hare - Sheila Ham
Miss Gurke - Joy-Amy Wigman
Mr. Arrad - Richard Sylvester
Mrs. Arrad - Pauline Sylvester
Mrs. Hamilton - Julia Buck
Mr. Hamilton - Grant Heymer

Terry - Matt Crumpton

Miss Tibbs - Min Lacey

Miss Gatsby - Helen Landau

Production Media

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