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Past Productions

Guys and Dolls

3rd - 10th October 2015

New York, the city that never sleeps. And within it, all human life. From the news seller to the chorus girl, from the gambler to the missionary - all of them caught up in the teeming vitality of the city streets.

Sergeant Sarah Brown, of the Save a Soul Mission, vainly trying to spread the Word, and make a difference to the sin and depravity of the streets, full of tipsters, gamblers and con men. Adelaide, the showgirl, desperate to leave behind her seemingly glamorous lifestyle for a white picket fence and roses round the door. Nathan Detroit, trying to find yet another new location for his floating dice game, keeping just one short step ahead of the law. And the gamblers themselves, eager for just one more roll, for that winning streak which will keep them ahead of the game. And the coolest, highest roller of them all, Sky Masterson, who would bet on anything that would turn him a profit. These are some of the characters of Damon Runyon's story.

Production Details

Production Team

Director - Gregory Aston

Musical Director - Karen Gillespie

Choreographer - Zoe Harwood 

Cast List:

Nicely-Nicely Johnson - Tim Jones

Benny Southstreet - Mike Welsh

Rusty Charlie - Jonathan Dyer

Sarah Brown - Hannah Bennett

Arvide Abernathy -Matt Pinless

Nathan Detroit - David Singer

Miss Adelaide - Sarah Dyer

Sky Masterson - Keir Kille

Lt. Brannigan - Ben King

Big Jule - Jake Nevin

Harry the Horse - Darren Garraghan

General Cartright - Carol Bowman

Save-a-Soul Mission - Michael Barwick, Tessa Champion, Beth Cox, Olivia Hamilton, Tracey Isaacs & Shannon Willetts

Hot Box Girls - Lauren Bott, Sophie Constantine, Jo Creter, Lauren Garraghan, Megan Gittins & Annabel Lisk

Male Ensemble - Scott Adams & Charlie Chitty

Production Media

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