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Little Women

13th - 21st October 2023


Little Women the Musical is an energetic and heartwarming take on Louisa May Alcott’s much loved story. We follow the adventures of Jo, our courageous and feisty protagonist, as she navigates early adulthood as an aspiring writer at a time when women are presumed to want to stay at home. Little Women embodies a complete theatrical experience, guaranteeing a night filled with laughter, tears and a lifting of the spirit.

The story takes place over three years and follows the adventures of Jo and her sisters Meg, Beth and Amy. Jo is trying to sell her stories for publication but is struggling to break into the male-dominated world of writing. She, somewhat begrudgingly, takes the advice of her friend Professor Bhaer who encourages her to challenge her writing style and use herself in her work. As we go through the musical we see some of Jo’s plays and their adventurous stories weave together with the main narrative to create the fast paced plot.

A select cast of 10 actors will perform the intimate show, formed of 6 female roles and 4 male roles. Jo, her sisters Meg, Beth and Amy and their beloved mother Marmee form the March household. Their neighbours, Mr Lawrence and his grandson Laurie become pivotal figures of the girls childhood along with their domineering Aunt. Meg’s gallant husband John and Jo’s trusted friend Professor Bhaer complete our cast.

Production Team

Director - Emily Abbott
Musical Director - Steve Pugh

Production Secretary - Jake Higgins

Cast List

Jo March - Frankie Finch

Beth March - Nathalie Bond

Amy March - Emily Chestney

Meg March - Liv Facer

Marmee - Lori Weber

Aunt March - Sally Lewis

Laurie - Connor May

John Brooke - Rhys Milberry

Professor Bhaer - Neil Burge

Mr Laurence- Jason Blackburn

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