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Past Productions

Noises Off

30th January - 6th February 2017

Michael Frayn's 'Noises Off' takes a fond look at the follies of theatre folk, whose susceptibility to out-of-control egos, memory loss, and passionate affairs turn every performance into a high-risk adventure.


This play-within-a-play captures a touring theatre troupe’s production of 'Nothing On' in three stages: dress rehearsal, the opening performance, and a performance towards the end of a debilitating run. Frayne gives us a window into the inner workings of theatre behind the scenes, progressing from flubbed lines and missed cues in the dress rehearsal to mounting friction between cast members in the final performance.


Brimming with slapstick comedy, 'Noises Off' is a delightful backstage farce, complete with slamming doors, falling trousers, and - of course - flying sardines!

Production Details

Production Team:

Director - Rod Morris


Dotty Otley - Carol Bowman

Lloyd Dallas - Nicholas Tobias

Garry Lejeune - Darren Garraghan

Brooke Ashton - Joy-Amy Wigman

Poppy Norton-Taylor - Hannah Snary

Frederick Fellowes - Matthew Crumpton

Belinda Blair - Pauline Blackburn

Tim Allgood - Charles Craven

Selsdon Mowbray - Colin Bennett

Production Media

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